You are invited to read, listen, read-along, and comment below.

Listen to Audio Recording for Chapter 1, pages 2-11, “What are the Best Ways to Learn English?”

Listen to Audio Recording for Chapter 2, pages, 11-16, “The Benefits of Making New Friends in the United States”

Listen to Audio Recording for Chapter 3, pages 17- 22, “Two Teachers Talk about How to Help English Learners Improve Their English Reading Skills”

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2 thoughts on “Read, Practice, and Comment on Maestro Sersea’s 1st E-Book: Dialogues for English Learners: What Are the Best Ways to Learn English”
  1. Hi, Maestro Sersea,
    What a great idea. This ebook, together with the audio, will be extremely helpful for all of us. So, it’s an amazing gift that we receive from you. Thank you so much for your kindness and commitment. I wish you all the best during these holidays and we’ll be together next year.

  2. Hello Sir!
    Happy New year Sir ! This is a good e book and great content to practice English. It is an amazing gift for me thank you so much sir for your kindness and support ❤🙏😍

    Thanks & Regards
    Samir kumar Malviya

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