Did you know that Maestro Sersea offers a free, 500-concurrent-user online chat room and conference room?

English Learners can visit this chat room anytime to chat with other English learners, as well as participate in regularly scheduled online webinars/live sessions with Maestro Sersea.

Our chat room offers the opportunity for English Learners from all over the world to collaborate and practice English with other English learners and improve English skills together as well as foster friendships.

Click here to access our Chat Room / Webinar Conference Room

What is a Chat Room?

— A chat room is a virtual location where people can come together through the internet and share information. For example, one may use this to converse with others in order to get news items on a certain subject or to catch up on happenings of mutual interest.

— A chat room is a virtual place where people from around the world can have an online conversation. A person may post messages in a designated chatroom, and respond to messages posted by other participants in the chatroom. The messages are typically text based but may also include images or video recordings. Some chatrooms allow for all users to read messages, whereas others require a log-in and password.

— A chat room is a virtual meeting place in which individuals can chat with other people in real time, often via text. Chat rooms became popular in the 1990s and quickly gained traction as a means of communication around the world. The original chat rooms typically served as a forum for discussion about topics such as weather, sports, and current events.

— A chat room is an internet forum where people can upload messages for other users to see. The messages are usually about a topic that is important to the community. Chat rooms are used by all types of people for different purposes. For example, someone may want to talk about their recent vacation, or someone might have a philosophical question they want answered. Chat rooms are used to facilitate discussion so people can connect with one another on whatever subject they choose.

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