Welcome English Learners. You are invited to register to 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 free online American English courses below. Simply add your name and email and you will begin receiving American English lessons in your email today.

  1. At the beginning of 2021, Maestro Sersea began offering a free, 5-year online English course for international English Learners. This course begins with beginning English skills and gradually offers more advanced content. Students receive access to 4 lessons each week, as well as a weekly newsletter via email. So far, thousands of English Learners from all over the world have registered for this free online American English course. Click here: You are invited to sign-up for our free American English course by clicking here and completing the form.

2. Do you want to increase your skills to speak with others in the English language? We’re also offering a free online course for English Learners who wish to improve their American English conversation and pronunciation skills. Click Here to learn more and enroll and receive free weekly lessons by email.

3. Greetings English Learners. How is your American English pronunciation? Would you like to improve your American English pronunciation with free weekly lessons by email? Click here to register to our free American English Pronunciation:

4. Hello English Learners. Did you know that learning American English vocabulary helps with both communication and comprehension? Would you like to improve your American English vocabulary with free weekly lessons by email? Click here to register for our free American English Vocabulary course:

5. Attention English Learners. Do you want to improve your knowledge of American English idioms to increase your comprehension and communication in American English? Click here to register for our free American English Idioms course:

What are Online Courses?

— Online courses are self-directed, online educational programs that allow any student to enroll and learn at their own pace. There are many benefits to taking an online course. They provide an alternative way for students who can’t make it to class due to work or other commitments. The student might not even know the instructor because these instructors teach at universities all over the country. Another benefit is that all assignments are done on the computer.

— Online courses are a way for students to take a course without going to a physical school. The primary benefits of an online course are convenience and flexibility. Online courses offer a schedule that is not limited by the availability of in-person classes, proximity to the university, or transportation options. Students can complete an online course from their own home or any location where they have access to the Internet. In addition, students can work at their own pace and according to their personal needs and schedules.

— Online courses are offered by many accredited universities which allow the student to take the course from the comfort of their own home. Courses can be taken on a “per-course” basis or as part of a degree program. There are many advantages to taking an online course, including convenience, reduced tuition costs, and self-paced learning.

The benefits of taking an online course are many.

— Online education is a relatively new educational trend in higher education, and it has been met with both excitement and controversy. Some students enjoy the flexibility of online courses, while others contend that online courses focus too heavily on content rather than critical thinking skills.

Students who take advantage of this option enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, the ability to study at their own pace, and the opportunity to concentrate on one class without also worrying about fulfilling requirements for other classes.

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