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English Learners,

Maestro Sersea is now offering a 24-hour online radio station dedicated to English Learners for learning American English. Our radio programs include a variety of resources, ranging from creative stories, to career articles, to American English Idioms, to reading skills, and much more.

You are invited to listen to our English Learners’ Radio Station and discuss it in the comments section below:

79 thoughts on “The Official Maestro Sersea Radio Station – Share Your Comments

  1. I listened English Learners Radio, it was American English with Maestro Sersea’s live session / Webinar Sunday, June 6th 10 – 11 AM.
    I enjoyed this live session very much because dialogues were so clear that made me understand correctly.

  2. Dear Maestro Sersee,
    Thank you for your radio program. I have practice pronunciation follow you and kind of formal and informal conversation.
    Thank you.

  3. hello i come to decouvert your radio station i appreciate this initiative in order to help us to improve our english language.but i have one suggestion to do don’t forget to indicate the universel hour i have problem to join you when you do your live i am lived in senegal thank you

  4. Great is this Idea to improve english by listening to the radio. It helps me to be more confortable with ans to improve my listening skills.

    Thanks to Maestro Sersea, I’ve just been added to this course 3 days ago, and hope it’ll be very helpfull.

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