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If you’ve ever wanted to learn English with an American English teacher, here is your chance. Maestro Sersea offers numerous free online resources for learning American English for English Learners from all over the world.

Learn about www.MaestroSersea.com and what it can offer to English Learners in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, and Pashto:

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Learning American English is now possible regardless of students’ geographical location or financial ability. Maestro Sersea offers free and low-cost educational resources for English Learners everywhere. Whether you wish to improve your English listening, reading, speaking, or writing skills, our educational resources below can help you succeed.

Click below to access our variety of English Learning resources:

  1. Audio Files – listen to educational audio files to improve your American English listening comprehension and more
  2. Educational Articles – read, listen, and watch hundreds of educational articles to improve English comprehension
  3. English Learners Social Network – collaborate, connect, and make friends with international English Learners
  4. Facebook – connect on Facebook with Maestro Sersea and learn with a variety of educational Facebook Pages
  5. Newsletters – access the latest news from Maestro Sersea as well as weekly activities for English Learners
  6. Online Courses – learn English online with Maestro Sersea with free and low-cost online courses
  7. Phone Apps – access English Learning resources from Maestro Sersea via apps on your mobile phone
  8. Podcasts – access Maestro Sersea’s podcasts for English learners to improve your English skills
  9. Radio – listen to educational radio programs for English Learners on the official Maestro Sersea radio station
  10. Television – watch and listen to live television programs for English Learners on our official television station
  11. Webinars – access recordings of prior webinars for English Learners to learn and improve your English
  12. Websites – learn about educational websites for English Learners offered by Maestro Sersea
  13. YouTube Videos – learn English by watching and listening to numerous videos from Maestro Sersea

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