Read Maestro Sersea’s First Published Book

English Learners!

Did you know Maestro Sersea just published his first book for English Learners on Amazon?

The book’s title is: “American English Dialogues for English Learners: What Are the Best Ways to Learn English?”

You can access it below:

You can buy the book, or now you can read our book via Amazon eBook Kindle: Click on the link below according to your country/language to access Amazon:

Amazon USA: US

Amazon United Kingdom: UK

Amazon Germany: DE

Amazon France: FR

Amazon Spain: ES

Amazon Italy: IT

Amazon Netherlands: NL

Amazon Japan: JP

Amazon Brazil: BR

Amazon Canada: CA

Amazon Mexico: MX

Amazon Australia: AU

Amazon India: IN

5 thoughts on “Read Maestro Sersea’s First Published Book

  1. Great news indeed. I’ve just bought the book, and I’m starting to read it, but, firstly, I have to say it is very interesting. Thanks Maestro Sersea for being always helping us to boost our English skills.

  2. Hello Sir!
    It is a great news indeed. I have seen this on Facebook yesterday really it will be helpful to learn English thank you so much sir for your great efforts. I need hard copy of this book sir.
    Thanks & Regards
    Samir kumar Malviya

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